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Genese Software Solution is the mixture of enthusiastic workforce who aim to be the milestone of development of whole nation. We are emerged to create an identity of  our company through technical advancement with business ideas. We are here to change the thinking and identify the deprivation of technical knowledge in this high-tech society.

Ralph Waldo said that “nothing is ever achieved without enthusiasm” which is valid in  a business environment. This team got the support through good communication, recognition of the efforts and who have clear expectation of the project.Likely, the great deal of  enthusiastic people coming forward to sharpen their knowledge and mobilize through our different on going projects.

Our Great Team

Anjani Kumar Phuyal

I am a geek, more likely into latest gadgets and open source software. Being office System Manager, latest applications and new technology are my...

Bidur Subedi
Project Manager / Developer

Technology enthusiast and a Software Developer who loves to spend time with clients, find out the problem and use technology to improve their work...

Niranjan Udas

WordPress sites, themes, and plugins, Android & iOS apps – if you need any of these, Niranjan Udas is the guy you need.

Mahesh Bahadur Thapa

Expertise on php, javascript. Efficient with Laravel and Angularjs Framework.

Bibek KC

Bibek designs good and functional user experiences and focus in writing clean, elegant and efficient code.

Ajita Wagle
Finance Manager

Prepare, examine, and analyze accounting records, financial statements, and other financial reports to assess accuracy.