Event Zone

Project Description

The only app you need to find what’s happening near you – anytime, anywhere! Discover all events you love, on topics you like, as never before, happening near you from more than thousands of events nationwide. Find fun things to do near you, quickly access your event information from your Android device, and start your next event countdown today!
Eventzone for Android – local concerts, events and entertainment at your fingertips across all spectrums for adults, teens, family and kids. Access the most comprehensive selection of local events, nightlife, performing arts, festivals, sports and more nationwide.

Never spend your free time getting bored sitting at home – be it a weekend or when you are on a vacation or travelling for work. For example, if you live in Pokhara and travel to Kathmandu, Eventzone is your friend to give you snapshot of places, things to do, Kathmandu events as well as for your home town Pokhara events.

Now, sit back, download Eventzone and enjoy events everyday.

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Project Details

  • DateJune 2015
  • ClientEvent Zone
  • TechnologyPhotoshop