Our Services

Web Development

“Intuitive, eye-catching websites, built for conversion and usability” We designed our first ever website back in 1995, in the days when an online brochure site was considered hi-tech. Thankfully, the web has moved on dramatically

WordPress Development and Support

We provide custom wordpress solutions and services including design, development, consulting and maintenance. We can work with you on any level of your project that you may need support with. Read More..

Graphics Design

We have creative designers to design an awesome logo to reflect your business. You want to develop a flyer for promotion, visiting card, banners, advertisements? We’ll help you with anything from sketching to developing sophisticated designs.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is used to create a site that the search engines will rank as one of the most relevant pages for a given term. The fact is, 95 percent of searchers click on a page that appears on the first page results for Google, Yahoo! or Bing.

Domain Registration and Web Hosting

Your domain name is your identity in the web. To deliver your web site or applications, you need a fast, reliable and secure server. We help you decide domain name to suit your business that will lead you good search engine traffic, purchase it and configure and maintain your web server.

Mobile Application Development

The generation now is the mobile generation. Be it for information, games, shopping, communication, your mobile device does everything. We develop all kinds of applications for android, iPhone, windows phone and tablets.

E-Commerce Solutions

Do you want to sell your goods or service on-line? Or, you have a physical store which you want to extend to a on-line store. We help you plan and develop customized e-commerce solution to meet your need.

Managed Services

Managed services such as hosting solutions are provided for the user. Choose the optimal hosting setting, either static or scalable and start your business.

IT monitoring

Monitoring and failure detection for any IT Enterprise solution is important. Providing the facility to do so is one of our many key services.

Business solutions

We provide services to any Businesses whether big or small. Recognizing and delivering the optimal service for the business is one of our key skills

IT support

Providing IT support for small and big enterprise such as problem monitoring and resolution is provided

Open source services

Open source solutions for cost conservation is a great solution for small companies. We provide the services to do so efficiently and securely.