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Genese at Province 2 Progress Update and Partnership Launch

Genese Cloud Academy, as one of the private sectors in the सीप Challenge Fund program, signed an MOU in the Progress Update and Partnership Launch event organized in Janakpur. In the event, we talked about our academy program and how it can benefit the students in province 2 by facilitating skilled based IT training, with collaboration among the colleges in the state.

Genese at CAN InfoTech 2019 – Day 1

Cloud is the future of computing. We can be assured about the fact that Nepal will quickly adapt, develop, and evolve in Cloud Computing by the response so many people gave today, who visited our stall with curious eyes.

My AWS Experience So Far

It’s been around 3 weeks since I’ve joined Genese Software Solutions and since the day 1, it has been such an exciting time to work here in Genese. Before joining Genese, I already had some knowledge about cloud computing but now particularly about AWS. I found out...