Interns - Genese Solution Pvt. Ltd.


We are looking for students who have a keen interest in learning Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Learn core AWS Services and their use cases.
  • Learn to develop applications based on AWS Serverless Services like Lambda, APIGateway, Aurora, DynamoDB, S3 etc.
  • Learn to develop distributed system components and decoupled applications on AWS cloud.
  • Learn to design scalable, highly available, fault tolerent and highly secure cloud infrastructures as per the clients requirement
  • Learn to provision AWS infrastructures with Cloudformation.
  • Learn Amazon SDK for Python/Node.js
  • Research on new technologies, services and methods on AWS or as per requirement.

Pre-qualifications for the Interns

  • Bachelor Degree completed/running in any computer science/ engineering degree.
  • Basic knowledge in the field of cloud computing is a must.
  • Good understanding of any programming language (concept).
  • Knowledge in AWS or any similar cloud platform is an advantage.
  • AWS certificate holders are highly desirable.
  • Self-Learning Capabilities and Research Oriented Candidate (Must).
  • Highly Confident and Motivated towards learning.
  • Must have some experience with programming languages.
  • Candidates must have basic cloud computing knowledge.
  • Smart, Humble and Disciplined.

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