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Case Study

API Gateway

Attendance System Architecture Diagram of API Gateway

1. Type of API Gateway solution being delivered:

An application uses Rest API’s created in API Gateway to facilitate client-server communications. Client-side sends a request to the API Endpoint which then triggers related lambda function and returns an appropriate response to the client side.

2. The number of expected requests per second (RPS) in API gateway infrastructure:

We have expected 1 request per second in our API gateway infrastructure.

3. Guidance provided to the customer for effective monitoring solution and cloud watch metrics:

Suggestions to enable the CloudWatch logs and its metrics detailed option to track the information or errors of every API call and view the detailed information about API calls, latency, integration latency, 400 errors, and 500 errors.

4. API Versioning:

Since we needed to keep the development and production environment separate, we used the Stage variables to separate different versions of API.

5. Proficiency:

  • Under the API Gateway, we have used mapping template for handling the request and response from the client.
  • For Authentication, we have used Cognito User Pool Authorizers. Client-side sends a request to the API endpoint with a token from Cognito. API Gateway verifies the token using the authorizer and grants further access to the lambda function.