CloudFront - Genese Software Solution

Case Study


Architecture Diagram of CloudFront

TCO Analysis:

TCO analysis helps us to know the cost that we can save by using the use of Amazon Services. As we can see in the figure 73% of a yearly cost has been saved by moving our System in the AWS.

After moving in the AWS we still saw the way to reduce the cost and we moved towards the serverless service of the AWS, through which we successfully saved 140 dollars more by integrating with the serverless of AWS.

Detailed reporting with Cloudwatch Reporting and analytics dashboard:

We have web distribution URL added and then we can see the different metrics like a chart for the total number of requests for all HTTPS code, another chart is about the data transfer which shows bytes downloads and uploads by the user and another chart shows the request by the HTTPS status code.

We have created Cloudwatch Alarms to notify us about CloudFront metric data whenever it exceeded the threshold that we have defined. When Cloudwatch triggers an alarm and it sends a notification to the email list.

Signed URLs Cookies:

The system captures images of employees daily. Those images are displayed in the root account. So to deny public access and allow only one user to access those images, we have configured the Signed URLs for those images.

Performance testing:

Since real user metrics are not available because the application being tested is not receiving real web traffic, we evaluate the performance of our CloudFront distribution by using Synthetic Monitoring approach for performance testing for CDN. For this, we mimic actual web traffic by simulating requests from locations worldwide.

For our application, we use Apache Bench Tool from a command line to test heavy loads on the CloudFront.