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Study, Learn & Implement Cloud Computing!

Genese Cloud Academy provides you with a wide variety of tools and resources that you can use to not only get theoretical knowledge of cloud computing but also implement what you learned in real life.

Digital Certification

Learn and earn digital accreditations on cloud computing skills.

Online Studies

Gain skills at what you desire at your own pace.

Show off Achievements

Earn achievements that you can boast about.

Our Academy is For

Self Learning Individuals

One Man Army

No one should be alone in this world. But if you are the only person you know in your circle who wants to learn more on cloud computing, we are with you. We provide help of our experts to those solo learners who strive for greatness.

Small Team of Enthusiasts

The A-Team

Learning in a group is always beneficial. It provides motivation and assistance from the fellow learners. Our academy empowers such team with even more support and collaboration by getting them involved in group learning and projects.

Educational Institutions

Temple of the Learners

Genese runs various seminars and small sessions to the students of colleges as per the demand of the institution. We can also provide guidelines on how to carry out the process of teaching and learning cloud computing within the organization.

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Why Learn about Cloud Computing?

Join the Global Cloud Workforce

Any tool that you use over the Internet has a cloud infrastructure, which means there is a high demand for skilled human resources to power the cloud environment needed to run those applications. Learn cloud computing and be a part of the global cloud workforce.

Learn the Cutting-Edge Technology

It is the power of cloud computing that has enabled the modern technology to advance at the pace it is progressing right now. With the knowledge of cloud computing, you can have access to such fast-moving cutting-edge technology that is shaping the world.

Increase Your Job Opportunities

With the ever-growing popularity and necessity of the cloud computing, more and more jobs are being created both within the country and outside of the country. With the knowledge of cloud computing, your CV becomes even more appealing to the employers.

Get Certified

Show the world that you know about cloud computing. Getting the certification on cloud computing can not only make you capable of working with the cloud infrastructure but will also attract other cloud enthusiasts and customers to your doorstep.

Premium Courses

The premium courses are designed for those who want to take AWS certification exams and want to become 100% certain before appearing in the exam. However, we don’t provide lessons to individuals. We proceed with the class only if there is a group of at least 8 individuals. Register your interest if you are willing to take the class and we will inform you when the classes are ready to be launched.

30 hours class

AWS Developer Associate Certification Course

Join the class to score the AWS Developer Associate certificate. This class consists of the standard syllabus with access to the lab. Learn from our best instructors and be 100% sure before you take the exam.

Cost: $400

30 hours class

AWS Solution Architect Certification Course

Join the class to score the AWS Solution Architect certificate. This class consists of the standard syllabus with access to the lab. Learn from our best instructors and be 100% sure before you take the exam.

Cost: $400


Why Learn With Us?


Training Content

Get access to free training content including videos and slides.


Lab Tools

Obtain cloud resources that you can use to build your own apps.


AWS Credits

Receive $75 worth of Amazon Web Services credits for free.



Chance to land internship at Genese Software Solution.

Our Cloud Partners

Free Course

AWS Educate Program

Genese has been running AWS Educate program in Nepal. Which means, we can make various Amazon Web Services available to you with learning materials. We have been organizing sessions throughout the country to equip the students, who are involved in the IT field, with the tools required to learn and try out the cloud infrastructure and build their own cloud-based applications. We invite enthusiastic students, teachers, and the educational institutions to collaborate with us to spread this knowledge even further so that the students of today can learn the skills they will undoubtedly need tomorrow.

Students Reached



Colleges Reached


Frequently Asked

Do I need credit card to enroll in any of the courses?
You don’t need a credit card for any courses we are offering.
I don't have email. Can I still join the AWS Educate program?
Yes. We welcome any email from the trusted email service providers such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. for you to enroll in the AWS Educate program.
I represent a college. How can I provide AWS Educate account to all my students?
You can fill in the form below stating your interest and how you would like to collaborate. We will get back to you as soon as possible with the probable approaches.

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